And So It Begins…

This week has been stock-piled with fun appointments, from my Level 2 ultrasound on Monday to my regular monthly check-in with my OB. The Level 2 was great – for those who don’t know, this ultrasound is a more detailed version of the anatomy scan to measure all of the body parts and take those photos. We had to get the L2 with the specialist because little bub didn’t feel like moving a whole lot the first time around, so the pictures just weren’t detailed enough and there were some thing they couldn’t get. There are a variety of reasons someone may go in for an L2, but I won’t get into those since I’m not a medical professional. :p All I know is that I got to see him an extra time, and my goodness he’s changed so much in the last six weeks! All looked great. He’s measuring around the time we expected, so that’s good!

Today’s appointment was my monthly check. All is looking great, but I could definitely do without stepping on that scale! I’m onSuperhero growing baby target for everything. All was awesome until I was handed that little orange drink of doom… You know the one? The glucose test drink. From this point onward, I begin biweekly appointments. My first one will be hell because of the glucose test, but that’s expected. I’m actually quite phobic of medically invasive procedures – needles, eye drops, lady visits… It has to do with that whole “control” aspect I talked about in my previous post. But I’m good. The hubs is coming along for the ride and he handles the almost-fainting and semi-panic attacks very well. 🙂 Here’s hoping I don’t have gestational diabetes!!

We went to a wedding this past weekend for a couple of awesome college friends of ours. It was great to reunite with people we haven’t seen in a while and have the chance to dance the night away. I loved being able to let loose, at least sort of loose. I took breaks, drank a whole lot of water, and cooled down when I needed to. Little bub seemed to enjoy it, as well. He at least really enjoyed the cupcake – he joined in on the dancing after that! But, my goodness, I felt it for those two days after!!

With only 3 months to go, there’s a lot going on around our house and with the family. The nursery and bathroom have walls again and it’s only a matter of time before they are ready for the nesting process. My father and husband have been so wonderful, working in all of their free time to get this done. Special thanks to everyone who has come along to help out along the way, in-laws, friends, other family. Before long, bub will have his own little space ready to go, and mom and dad can rest easy.

This also means registries had to be finalized and the baby shower invitations had to be sent out. I’ve never been one to like surprised – actually, I’d prefer not to be surprised about things. I chalk that up to the wants to have some sort of control on things. That’s what happens when you have a mostly Type A personality. 🙂 Our shower is book themed since we’re decorating the nursery in a children’s book theme. I can’t wait to share these moments with our family and friends. This kid will be so loved; hopefully he’s ready!


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