Making History…

I’ve always loved looking at those “In the year you were born…” lists for myself and seeing what big events happened. This year has been a pretty big one for the history books, for many reasons. Today, though, I couldn’t help but think of this a little deeper. My baby will be born in a few months. His “list” is still growing since we’re only halfway through 2015, but already the list has grown. Some things are great, some not so much.

When I looked at the news listings today, I felt like crying. Happy tears. And sad tears.

Happy Tears: Today the US Supreme Court made a historic ruling in favor of marriage equality for all in Obergefell v. Hodges. This means that marriage equality is a reality in all 50 states. Love is the movement. It’s sad that it took so long to get to this place, but celebrating love is important. This means that all married couples will be legally recognized in every state, they will have the same rights, and this will be one less battle. Acceptance is still an opportunity and there is still a lot of work to be done, but this is a day for the history books. One day our children will learn about this, they will reach about it in their textbooks, talk about it in their classes, and look back and go “Wow, why was this an issue?” Just like many of us did when we looked back on and learned about women gaining the right to vote, the end of segregation, and interracial marriage rights.

Sad Tears: Three more terrorist attacks happened today, all believed to be by the same group. I won’t go into much detail on here, but please check out the New York Times article for more information. The idea that so many people live their lives in fear each day… I remember what it was like after 9/11 and then after the marathon bombing.

On a day when we can celebrate a victory in “love” we also mourn for those lives lost due to “hate”. Hate is running rampant and it’s sometimes a little scary to think about what the world will be like for the next generation. Every generation has had something horrible to deal with, but it’s all about what and how they’re taught. Teach love. Teach respect. Don’t condone ignorance. Children should be encouraged to ask questions, make friends, accept others, and love. Don’t teach hatred.

This was my food for thought for today. I understand not all will feel the same way I do about the topics above, but I hope that all can see why a world where hatred festers isn’t a promising world. We may not all hold the same beliefs when it comes to religion, how to raise a child, or the like, but I hope we can all agree that love is so much better than hate.

*jumps off soapbox and eats a  brownie*


One thought on “Making History…

  1. Rhonda Eaton says:

    As our president said today, “Love is love.” The word is this simple because it’s almost undefinable; we merely use the word, love. Hate is so much more than merely hate; it’s not so simple. Hate stems from fear, ignorance, isolation, abuse, etc. If we demonstrate love, speak in loving tones, use loving guidance, our children don’t learn hate. It takes more energy to teach hatred; love just…happens.


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