Week 28 – Sugar, Decisions, and Swift Kicks to the Bladder

My first week of the third trimester went by in a whirlwind!

Let’s see… I had my glucose test on Friday and passed with flying colors! Thank goodness. Even more impressive – I didn’t faint during the blood test. I was actually in and out of the chair within five minutes. For those who know me, this is a HUGE deal. I’ve been passing out and panicking since I was probably eleven. How did I celebrate? My husband and I went straight from the doctor’s office to the grocery store and bought cookies… Healthy decisions, right? Please, I’ve been eating decently healthy, so a little nosh every now and then is ok in my book. I’m sure the little bub doesn’t mind either since the doctor says he’s doing well and is right on track. Great heart rate, measuring well, and I’m feeling pretty great.

The aches and pains are back – those growing pains, you might know the ones. Where it feels like your uterus is expanding to the size of a beach ball before your very eyes? Round ligament pain is interesting and the growing is a bit odd for me. Seeing the scale go up and my belly housing this strange creature they call a baby? I’m taking it in stride, as much as I can. I’m not gaining in any funny places, mainly just the belly and then some spots to help carry all this weight. Well, my back isn’t haven’t any of it. Instead, it’s decided to rebel. I’ve discovered the wonders of a heating pad on the painful parts and the absolute beauty of being in a pool. I haven’t really been able to swim much due to my muscles being uncooperative, but the feeling of weighlessness is beautiful. It’s amusing when I get out, though… that feeling of full weight again after none is a bit of an adjustment. Oh, and I am rocking a bikini. Baring this belly is very freeing and incredibly comfortable.

Last night, after a long chat with my husband and family, I decided to start my maternity leave from graduate school a little early. Taking a difficult course during my last two and a half months is just added stress while I’m working my regular job, preparing for baby, and trying to take birthing and breastfeeding classes. If I want to keep my sanity up and my stress down, as well as those around me, some things need to go and this one just made sense. I’ve managed to maintain my 4.0 GPA even through the three courses I’ve taken since getting pregnant in January. The world is a different place without classes.

Bub moves on and off. He doesn’t necessarily kick much, but he does tend to push against my abdomen and stay in that spot for a bit. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s a nice reminder he’s scooting. As if looking down at my belly isn’t enough! He’s more active in the morning and then at night, potentially because my day job requires a decent amount of sitting. For anyone with a job like mine, do your best to try and get up every so often to stretch out and get the blood moving again. I’m wearing thin when it comes to moving around much these days, between back problems, abdominal muscle spasms, and the like… but if you can do it, hop to it.

The baby shower is coming up and we are really excited. Not necessarily for “things”, though that’s always exciting, but to see everyone loving this baby already and being excited right along with us. I don’t know everything that is planned, but I can already feel the love for this little guy.


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