30 Weeks Pregnant and a Full Agenda

Today marks 30 weeks of pregnancy…. that means there are 10 weeks to go, pending this little guy comes right on time. According to BabyCenter, the app I’ve been using on my phone to keep me up to date on his growth and changes, the bub measures as follows:

  • Roughly 15.7 inches long
  • Weighs almost 3 pounds (about the size of a cabbage… somehow)

30 weeks. Time truly flies. He’s laying lower these days and I seem to have dropped a little bit, but he definitely has an affinity for snuggling high up on my left side near my ribs and bumping me as a reminder of his presence while I’m sitting down. I can feel him move a whole lot more, which is another fun experience, though REALLY freaky. I saw my stomach move last night and felt nauseous and dizzy because of it. I’m not really ready to fully accept seeing movement, I’d much rather just feel. ha! He likes to bump decently hard while I’m in the middle of important conversations at work, causing me to either look down at my stomach quickly, lay a hand over the area he bumped, or make some sort of audible “Oh!” Luckily my coworkers seem to find this funny.

This next month will be a lot of activity for us – birthday parties, shower, birthing class, photoshoot, and other fun things. Lots of nesting and house prep/cleaning, too.

The baby shower is coming quickly (1.5 weeks) and that was probably the thing that made us realize how fast time is going by. We can’t wait to share the day with family and friends, though I have a feeling I’m going to be quite overwhelmed. I will surely be making a post about the shower – a literary themed shower to go with the literary themed nursery we’re putting together. My husband and I love books and plan to share that with our little one. Once the nursery is all set, I’ll also share photos of that in a blog post.

We also decided yesterday who we’re going to be doing a maternity photoshoot with – Hallie Jade Pictures. I have actually known Hallie since I was in 8th grade. We went to theatre school together and spent many years onstage dancing and singing. I’m excited to see her again since it’s been ages. Between the mix of her creative eye, willingness to try new things, and ideas, I definitely think Brian (hubs), little bub, and I are in good hands. We had a few great photographers for options, some who are good friends, so this was a tough decision. Now I just need to figure out clothing, hair, and makeup. And maybe props. Ugh.

The birthing class – oh boy… this will be a doozy. We are taking an intensive one-day class instead of spreading it out over 5 weeks. Ideally, we should have signed up for a class well before now, but we have been a bit pre-occupied and then time got away from us. Hopefully this class gives me a bit more insight on different options we have. We signed up at the hospital we are having bub at, so this should help even more. For those who haven’t read previous posts – I have a pretty severe medical phobia, so I’m trying to be as prepared as I can without throwing myself into a tizzy. After reading about a few different procedures, I’m a bit more anxious than I was before. The plan right now is to go 100% natural, but we all know the best laid plans tend to change.

I’m also really excited to say that the bathroom is near done and the nursery is following steadily behind! We had to gut everything to the studs due to lack of insulation, horsehair plaster, and poor plumbing… so it’s been a long road, with multiple journeys downstairs and across the house to the other bathroom each night, but by tomorrow our bathroom should be back!

There’s a lot going on for us at this 30 week mark, so I’m doing my best to keep it all organized with the help of some pretty fantastic people – husband, family, friends.

What do you have going on? Any special projects? How’d your shower/birthing class/photoshoot go? Share in the comments!


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