A Little Lullaby

I spent the last few minutes wiping tears from my eyes as I watched my six week old son drift off to sleep in my arms after our 2am feeding. The little reflex grins crossing his lips, along with the eye flutters and hand reaches toward me, made my heart swell. The past many weeks it’s been feed-and-sleep. My husband has taken care of putting BabyJ to bed during the night most of the time because of how tired I’ve been, but tonight I got a decent amount of sleep and was awake enough to just be able to sit with him after and enjoy the moment.

I got onto Apple Music and searched for some good lullaby music to play, settling on the Disney’s Lullaby Album-Volume 2, and let it all go for a bit.

It’s so important to take these moments, even through exhaustion, because they go by so quickly. When Brian and I got married, the best advice we received was to take a step to the side during the reception while everyone was enjoying themselves and just watch as outsiders, taking in the moment to remember forever. This is how I am trying to approach parenthood. These last six weeks have gone by so quickly and often times the world just passes by as routines develop. Don’t miss the moments.

Babies are measured through their milestones, like social smiles, lifting their heads, and sleeping through the night. This may not have been one of those measurable milestones, but it sure was a top Mommy/BabyJ milestone for me.

And now for another couple hours of sleep. Cheers.


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