“You should get a push pop!”

This post was actually written on 10/2. I went in and updated what I could to make it more timely, though I’m sure I missed some things.

“Happy due date Mantha! You should get a push pop!”
– This was the post left on my Facebook wall by my sister on Wednesday last week.

BabyJ’s due date came and went on Wednesday, 9/30. It’s weird to think his little self made himself snuggle-able over a month ago now. He turned six weeks old on Friday and I can’t seem to process how quickly time is going. I’ve started using this year’s Erin Condren Life Planner as a journal. I collect journals, but never seem to be able to maintain one for longer than a few weeks. I think it’s a focus/time thing; other things just take over. Well, since I’m home right now with Josh, I decided it would be a good idea to track things going on in my life and milestones. I spent my brief break between feedings (while BabyJ was sleeping) going back through my Facebook and handwriting statuses and quotes into each of the relevant dates. I’m back to August 11th, with a month or two to finish going back. This will be a good, easy project to focus on while I need to decompress.

I sat here typing this with a baby swaddled and asleep in my arms. Each moment with him is a new lesson learned and something I treasure, though today’s lesson was a bit more difficult to stomach. Josh has been taking back-to-back feedings for most of today (10/2), popping from one breast to the other with his very painful latch. We stopped using the nipple shield last weekend and it’s proven to be a blessing and a curse, since I can definitely feel that latch far more. He is, however, getting better food intake. It’s quite possible he’s going through a growth spurt right now. Since he was premie, his spurts may be off a little bit. He’s been a bit ravenous while eating lately, but I’m gasping and baring it for the breastfeeding benefits.

I hit two big mommy milestones on Thursday, 10/2- I managed to eat breakfast WHILE breastfeeding him. He likes to wake up while I’m making food, though his naps have been less predictable lately. The other milestone – I went to the bathroom while managing to hold him, wipe, flush, wash my hands, and dry them without him crying. The new scenery (another side of the house) was very intriguing to him.

I also spilled soy sauce on my white rug, so that was good. I brushed it off instead of getting upset about it. What else can I do? There are more important things going on and I really can’t do anything about it until Brian comes home.

I caved and gave him a supplement of formula today, since I was in such incredible pain and he was still showing my that he was very hungry (somehow)… Anywho, feed him, swaddle him – I am the Queen of Swaddles – and then get him in his bassinet. He finally falls asleep. Phew – I can get things done! I hear a little noise from the bassinet, and since I’m still paranoid I check in… and he’s spitting up in his sleep. Now, this isn’t a big deal. He just had some extra in his tummy… I pick him up, clean him off – all while he’s still swaddled and sleeping. Out of fear of him doing it again flat on his back, I decide on holding him so he can sleep. And sleep he did.

Maybe I’m a little bit protective. He’s still so much littler than babies his age. Still in the 1st percentile with weight and length. He’s gaining amazingly and we make the perfect little team. He’s got a great temperament and we’re communicating far better as I’m getting the hang of his signs – the difference between hungry hand nibbles and sleepy hand biting, or the difference between playful, curious eyes and frustration. It’s a work in progress, but we’re doing a great job.

Sadly, this is another birthday time of year for family – three birthday parties this month for little ones in both Brian and my families. Since BabyJ is still susceptible and without his shots and I’m still fighting to get my immune system back, we can’t go. That’s ok. Soon enough we will be venturing out to more densely populated spots. For now, we’ll hang out together.


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