More Curveballs

I should probably try to get signed with some professional baseball team, because I keep catching life’s curveballs. Only this time, it wasn’t a pleasant surprise.

I was laid off yesterday. The company I started working for post-maternity leave is going through a sudden workforce reduction and since I was one of the most recent through the doors, I was one of the first out. Because I was so new, there was no severance or agreement of any kind. I was paid up through yesterday and that’s it. We’re on our own.

They did tell me how amazingly I was performing, that they tried hard to keep me, and that they want me back once things turn around. I was told by one of the HR Managers that I was the best recruiter they’ve had in their 30 years of working in HR. Beyond that, yesterday was a pool of tears. I handled it with poise, despite the streams falling from my eyes. Their kind words fell on my shocked ears because all I could think of was that I have an (almost) four month old at home. That we have a mortgage. That we still haven’t even recovered from the damage of maternity leave. That we still have debt to pay (who doesn’t?) And now the majority of our income doesn’t exist?

The job of my dreams did not come with a warning label of workforce reduction. That was one curveball I never expected. It came my way anyway. So here I am, unemployed and trying to keep productive. It’s really a humbling experience to go through all of this. It’s hard to push pride to the back seat when something like this happens, but I know we will have to until employment starts up again. Filing for unemployment, reaching out to various organizations we make payments to, re-assessing all of our financial output… it’s all a blur. All I see right now are numbers, dollar signs, and tissues. It’s ridiculous, honestly. I am so thankful for a supportive family and my son, because he’s keeping me sane and focused.

We have a plan already, Brian and I. It’s not perfect, but we will make it work. I won’t be unemployed for long. I refuse to sit lazily and not get things done in the interim. Our house will be clean by Christmas, BabyJ will be snuggled by me so much and we will continue to bond, Brian and I will figure things out so that we continue to rebuild from the damage of maternity leave and now this layoff, and we won’t lose us.


2 thoughts on “More Curveballs

  1. Rhonda Eaton says:

    You inspire me each day. Be strong, as I know you are; know I will help with the tissues. Motherhood will make you crazy, however it will also keep you sane. It’s a juxtaposition of bliss. I love you!



  2. Bill says:

    They should’ve let you know they were in trouble when before they hired you. I’m sorry you guys are going through this, but when one door closes another opens, hold your head high as there are no troubles you can’t get through when you have each other.


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