2 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of Exclusively Pumping

  1. jhwinterauthor says:

    I ended up having to exclusively pump when my son was a newborn (now 2 1/3 years old). It was tough when he just couldn’t figure out the latch, and despite my best efforts, we couldn’t get into a rhythm. I got flack from the lactation consultant that I wasn’t trying hard enough. Despite my increasing anxiety and his decreasing bodyweight, I felt breast milk was the best thing for him no matter what form it came in. So, I turned to pumping with a Medela double pump and I got the bra to hold them in place, freeing up my hands to feel human again. I was able to get my son through his first six months before going back to work dried my milk supply. I felt relieved that I could do that for him. Not all kids figure out the latch, and sometimes traditional breast feeding just isn’t possible. No woman should be made to feel bad if she needs to pump exclusively or can’t breastfeed at all. Our kids turn out just fine in the end.

    I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge as an author/illustrator, maker of crocheted amigurumi, and crafter. I’d love for you to follow my posts and we can cheer each other on! I’m over at Ink & Stitches: http://blog.jhwinter.com. Looking forward to your posts.


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