Evenflo Exersaucer Jump and Learn Jam Session Product Review

Exersaucer.png My husband and I looked high and low, researching different exersaucers for our son. Nothing seemed to fit us. Admittedly, though, we were incredibly picky about the details – color, music, material. Everything was either terribly bright colored or obnoxiously high-pitched. This doesn’t bode well for headaches.

Then we came across the Evenflo Jam Session ExerSaucer and fell in love. Firstly, we are wicked music people; notice the music notes and instruments throughout the whole product. AMAZING!

Next, the sound quality is wonderful. BabyJ LOVES this, as it is interactive. Each corner has sections of instruments – drums,  little keyboard, and a song section. The hanging instruments each play three different selections based on the instrument itself. BabyJ can’t get enough of this exersauce. The price is also incredible on Amazon. We got it for $117 and free shipping with Amazon Prime. This is, by far, the best toy we’ve gotten for him.

Additionally, we received the Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano from my parents for the holidays. My sister brilliantly decided to tie this to the exersaucer so BabyJ can play with it keyboardwhile sitting up. He loves every minute of it and the combination of the two developmental toys is perfect. 

Exersaucer Amazon Buy Link

Piano Amazon Buy Link

If you’re looking for two great toys for your children or shower gifts for someone else, these are the perfect ones for you. I’ve included the Amazon links so you can take a closer look.

Evenflo Exersaucer, Jam Session:
5 Stars!

Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano
5 Stars!


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