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(E) Exclusive Pumping, An Update


Today’s post for the A-to-Z Challenge is brought to you by the letter E!

Some of you may have already read about my journey with breastfeeding and exclusive pumping, but if you haven’t all of the information is in the hearty long post.

I’ve been pumping now for almost six months. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by, especially looking back at all of the intense nights waking up every few hours to hook up and milk myself. I felt like one of those cows on those milk farms… hooked up to those uncomfortable looking milk pumps. Eep.

Anywho, I decided recently that I want to do a series of blog posts related to pumping and those who mostly or solely pump for their little ones. It’s a work in progress right now, but look for more information to come.

Brian and I decided recently that we would start weaning BabyJ to be milk- and formula-fed, as I had to drop a few pumps right before my grandmother passed away. I am now down to 3-4 pumps per day, providing him with most of the milk he needs for the day, while supplementing with a couple of bottles with formula when needed. It’s been a process for us, and I’m working to ease my guilt through all of this, but I’m trying to wrap my mind around being ready to have my body back. It sounds awfully selfish when phrased that way, which is part of the reason I haven’t completely stopped yet. 3-4 pumps per day has allowed me to spend more time with BabyJ and be more well-rested. My supply has dropped a little bit, but we had already decided formula was fine now that he’s older. 

More to come soon… For now, this was just a quick update.

What was your journey with your little one? Was your LO breastfed, milk fed through pumping, or formula fed, or perhaps a mixture of some? Tell me your story.* Please note that this is a judgement-free zone, any abusive or judgmental comments will be deleted.



  1. I loved breastfeeding my babies, and I remember wanting my body back. It does feel poignant, though. You’re doing it extremely thoughtfully and how wonderful for your baby that your husband is involved, too.


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