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(F) Family


Today’s post for the A-to-Z Challenge is brought to you by the letter F! 

Family is a very important part of everything I do. Barely a day went by during college when I didn’t talk to my parents. I also great up in a house with my uncle and grandmother living with us. Being surrounded by such a strong family unit helped deepen my appreciation for my kin.I was fortunate enough to find someone to spend my life with who has the same appreciation for family that I do.

As we’ve grown up, we’ve built our own little family. It started as the two of us for the first year after we got married, then we decided our house was too big for us and needed some filling. That was when we adopted out little furballs–two sibling kittens, Dobby Sirius and Winky Ginevra. For such tiny creatures, they filled such a big void in our lives. As time went on, our world continued to feel empty. Cue BabyJ.

Through everything we’ve gone through, we’ve been surrounded by family. The beautiful thing is family does not have to be blood/marriage. Some of my greatest family members are my best friends, to whom I have no blood relation. We’ve been so lucky to be surrounded by such love and support from those we call family. Not everyone has the same.

I believe it’s important for children to grow up with a strong family support system. This family doesn’t necessarily need to be biological; friends, teachers, physicians… they can all be like family.



  1. Oh my goodness! The names of your cats are adorable!

    Great use of the letter F!

    Olduvai Reads


  2. jhwinterauthor

    Family has always been my first priority. Everything I do, I am doing for them. I want my son (and future children) to grow up and be able to go to a good school and get everything he wants out of life. I keep that in mind as my ultimate goal in whatever I do. Great post!


  3. F for family – simple with a strong, positive msg! And it’s so true –‘This family doesn’t necessarily need to be biological; friends, teachers, physicians… they can all be like family.’


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