A-to-Z Reflections

Well, for my first A-to-Z on this blog I’d say I did alright. Unfortunately I didn’t anticipate the course I was taking for my grad program to be so involved and take up so much of my time. I finished the challenge over on my book blog a little late, but still finished. This one wasn’t so fortunate. I just looked in my drafts folder and saw some letter posts sitting there half-finished. These were the nights I fell asleep at my laptop. Haha.

I love how many new followers I gained through this challenge and hopefully next year I can push through until the end. I planned so much better this year with my list of planned posts; next year I will push to write them ahead of time and schedule the posts.

Hindsight and all that.

One amazing thing that came out of this was finding out some of my posts really helped people. Having a deep impact and helping someone is an incredible feeling. If I can touch just one person with my posts, I’ve succeeded.

Welcome to my new followers, and thank you to all who participated and commented. Stay active, it helps me keep up! 😀<<<<<<<


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