I’m Not A Mommy Wasteland

My stretch marks are marks of courage and strength. My hollow, flabby stomach is the deserted home of my greatest accomplishment. My now-larger thighs and rock-hard, wider calves are the carriers of a happily burdened superhero.

I swore to myself that I wouldn’t look at my stomach and my thighs with anything but pride, and I did really well with this creed for many moons, allowing myself time to adjust without pressure. Well, here I am today, staring at my extra bits here and flabby bits there. I can feel the pressure building to get back to before.

Where does this pressure come from? Why does it drop in? Media? Friends? Family? Doctors? I frequently hear how great I look post-baby. I’ve been to the doctor a handful of times since having BabyJ, my most recent weighing at the doctor being a couple weeks ago. She said it all looks good, too.

So, is it all on me?

I’m working back to that place where I can look at my tummy, hips, and thighs and be fine with them. My extra bits are beautiful. They’re the remnants of my courage and nature. I did something incredible. I brought a baby into this world. My body is proof of that.

Time to stop looking at my body and shaming myself, and start seeing the awe of what I did.

Share your body/mind stories in the comments below. Let’s create a support system for each other instead of perpetuating the negativity.


One thought on “I’m Not A Mommy Wasteland

  1. Reprobate Typewriter says:

    It sounds like going through puberty again. People are right, when they say you look great, but it’s hard to believe them in the middle of it all. Once things settle down, and you have a chance to get used to the changes, you’ll feel beautiful again.


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