(K) Kids!

Good ol’ Bye Bye Birdie! I love that there are musicals like this that just capture how timeless certain things are.

I ever thought I’d be one of those adults talking about how disrespectful kids are, or that their noses are always in their phones. But it’s happened. I’ve officially become an adult. Heck, most adults are just as rude.

Where do you think the kids get it from?

(A just-for-fun post brought to you by the letter K.)


I’m baaaaaack!!!

I am officially done with projects and schoolwork for the rest of the summer, unless I decide to take some courses outside of my graduate program of human resources management. We’ll see!!

Anywho, looking forward to catching up on A to Z today and through the weekend!  Prepare for some awesome, relevant posts over here at Steps In Mommyhood! Y’all still with me?

And now, for your viewing pleasure… Here’s my cat (Winky) in a box.


A to Z Update

Just a quick note – I am finishing up a large project for one of my grad school classes, so my A to Z posts for these next couple of days may be a little wonky. Rest assured, they will be back in full force!! Until then, please share one of your favorite memories from childhood with me in the comments below!